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Because every Business needs a Roadmap

Marketing Partnership Program guides business owners through a process to create easy-to-follow roadmaps that put them on a path to success with their specific business goals.

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Ways We Guide You to Success

If you just have a quick question or would like more info on a specific topic join one of our monthly opportunities for open and free coaching. Check out the schedule below.

Both online and in-person opportunities to get coaching in a small group.  Check out the schedule below.

Coming Soon, April 2022!

Personal Coaching, we meet one on one, either in person or virtually.  We will develop and customized a personal plan to drive your business and personal growth.

Scheduling a Complimentary Consultation

Schedule A Consultation

Get a Complimentary Consultation where we will assess your current needs and identify your business position.

Get Your Roadmap

During your session, we establish your current business needs based on six key focus areas of business. This allows us to identify the roadblocks in your way and establish a plan to move forward.

Implement Your Plan

The interactions we have together will outline clear, actionable steps you can take to move your business mission forward.

Your Business needs a Roadmap that will:

Clarify Your Mission

What is your destination and why are you headed there? Do you have an easy-to-follow map that drives your mission?

Align Your Marketing

Are all areas of your business moving you towards your mission or are some causing you costly detours?

Eliminate the Excess

Do you find yourself spending time and money on things which are not profitable and not driving you closer to your mission?

6 Key Areas of Bussiness Focus

Guiding Principles

We will use the power of story to compel the brain and engage people.  Using the below focus as the guiding principles aligns all the elements of your business.

  • Mission Statement
  • Key Characteristics
  • Critical Actions
  • Foundational Brand Story

Business Management

A business works like a machine. A machine that makes money, when each part of the machine works together properly it produces revenue and profit.

  • Overhead
  • CashFlow
  • Change Management

Business Offerings

People do not always buy the best products or services, they buy the products and services that are communicated the clearest.  

  • Define your ideal client
  • Clarify the solutions you provide
  • Define your customer journey
  • Implement the clear messaging


What does it look like to live a life and business of purpose and meaning?  We focus on tools to help you be productive and focused on what is most important. 

  • Mindset
  • Motivation
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Communication

Marketing and Sales

We will dive deeper into your customer’s journey and take the guesswork out of your marketing.

  • Develop a One Liner
  • Lead Generators
  • Sales Materials
  • Website
  • Social Media

Personal Development

When you know who you are and what motivates you can develop the skills to thrive in your professional and personal life.

  • Discover Motivators
  • Identify Roadblocks
  • Goal Action Planning
  • Personal and Professional Alignment

Hello! I’m Dawn

Business Coach and Marketing Partner

I have spent over 20 years both as a driver and a passenger, helping companies with their sales and marketing processes. During this time, I’ve seen many great businesses struggle to communicate what they do or sell.

The key to a successful business is aligning all the major areas of your business toward a common mission.  I believe by defining and communicating a business mission which inspires you to move forward and inspires others to go with you, we can create a world where more people love to go to work every day.

I look forward to helping you implement proven strategies to help you grow your business.

Dawn Lynch

Guiding your business to success can be overwhelming.

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