Could I Foster A Child: Fostering Hope and Love

Sep 24, 2022

It is May – and for many of us that means a busy schedule indeed. The end of the school year brings with it finals and projects, tournaments and banquets, graduations and goodbyes. For some of you it is also a month when we recognize your super power – You are a Foster Parent! And that deserves to be celebrated.

So often when I am speaking or coaching, I will hear people say, “Oh I could never foster. It would be too hard so let them go.” Even more candid, people will confress, “I thought kids in foster care did something bad to end up there.” These are the two opposite ends of an argument not to walk into the messy.

First to debunk the myths: If it would be hard for you, think how hard actually being in foster care is for the hundreds and thousands of kids who experience this on a daily basis. For the second myth: These kids are just like your kids, but something bad or hard has happened to THEM.

Another sentiment people share is that it’s just not the right time because of _____________ (fill in the blank with whatever financial, personal, relational issue is front and center right now.) This is true – It isn’t ever convenient to lay down our wants and desires and to put the needs of others before ourselves. It’s why Jesus had to tell us in the Bible to pick up our cross and follow Him. If it was easy, we’d all be doing it all the time.

It isn’t easy – but it is simple. Not all of us are called to bring kids into our home but every single one of us is called to do something! Choose something in your gift and ask God to bless it big time. If you love to cook for your family – double the recipe and cook for the Foster/ Adoptive family down the street as well – and watch your giving bring blessings and open relationships. If you are a teacher or counselor – maybe offer up tutoring services for a child in care who needs help catching up to grade level. If you are a single person on the go and aren’t home much – consider joining a prayer team with Ignite Hope which can often be handled digitally – or give financially to support an organization that pours into families in need/ foster families/ pregnant mamas or other type of wrap-around support.

For everyone of you who has ever said YES to mothering in the middle – knowing that the love you give is for a season and that you may not ever hear words of affirmation or care in the moments you most need them – we at Ignite Hope salute you. To every Dad who is dedicated to your bonus kids who may only be there for days, or weeks – or sometimes much, much, longer – You are seen. You are needed. You are appreciated.

To everyone working in the space of foster care – from social workers, counselors, and Directors and volunteers – your hard work and dedication is a blessing to many. Continue to walk out your calling, because those of you who do this are truly called by God to be His hands and feet to His Children.

For any individual, family, church or organization who has a heart to support Foster families or adoptive families – Ignite Hope works preborn to permanency for any At-Risk Kid. Connect with us on FB at ihope 4 orphans to find out how we can help you plug into this space! There is a way for everyone to Ignite Hope for kids!

God Bless,
Jacqui Jackson
CEO – Ignite Hope

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