Ignite Hope is here to bridge the gaps between children in crisis Pre-born to Permanency, and the families that choose to stand with them because too many children are living in nightmares most can’t see or understand, and it prevents them from living a life of belonging and spiritual well-being.

Our Commitment To Children In Crisis And Those Who Choose To Stand With Them


For awareness of issues that affect children in crisis in our communities, in churches and government institutions


To provide resources for individuals’ needs to help fill gaps left by trauma and crisis events, providing the needed resources to heal both physically and spiritually.


Children in Crisis and those who choose to stand with them to win the battle for their physical and spiritual well-being.

Message From Our Founders

“Tell Me Why It Was So Important That You Start This Organization”  Be Personal But You Don’t Have To Bear Your Soul

Ignite Hope Guiding Principles


Being resourceful helps find and fill individual needs. Healing wounds created from trauma and crisis events, addresing both physical and spiritual needs.


Because it is difficult for these children and those standing with them to address their physical and spiritual well-being alone.

Faithful Followers in Christ

As a non-denominational Christian Organization, we have seen how strategic prayer has provided those we support the tools to face the spiritual battle every day so that they can become champions for children.

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