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First Impressions Often Happen Online

You Need a Personal Professional Facebook Profile

Your online profile is the new “Dress for Success.”  Potential Clients, Employers, and Connections will research you online before you ever meet.  You can’t afford not to have a Professional Facebook Profile.

Create Valuable Connections

Grow Your Business

Get Your Dream Job

Why Should You Care About Your Personal Facebook Profile?


Of Business are Building Connections on Facebook


Of Recruiters Use it for Researching Potential Candidates

Users World Wide

Are You One of the Millions of People Who are Unintentionally Sharing too Much of Your Private Life, Online Publicly?

If No Profile at All

You may seem:

Out of Date


Not Tech Savvy

You Are:

Missing Connections

 Employment Opportunities

If UnProfessional or UnFiltered Profiles

You may seem:

Unable to Separate Private & Public Life

Indifferent or Oblivious

Out of Touch

You Are:

Losing Connections


Turn Facebook Into Your Strength, Instead of a Liability

3 Easy Steps to a Professional Profile

Fill out Form

We will email you a link to fill out your Profile Content.  Content is then reviewed within two to three business days and you will receive email suggestions to upgrade your professional content.

Schedule a Session

Once we have Optimized Your Profile you will be sent a link to Schedule a Screen Share Session to Update your Facebook Profile.

Be Seen as Professional

Once we are finished setting up your profile you can feel confident and secure knowing that you can be found and seen as a successful professional.

Start Your Journey Here

Purchase a Facebook Profile Coaching Session; we will email you our Online Form to be filled out.

We will review your Profile Form and then email you with suggestions that Coach you to a more impactful Professional Image within two to three business days.

Once your wording is precise and optimized, we will Schedule a Screen-Sharing Session to Create or Update your Professional Profile.

Don’t Be Afraid of Facebook

Facebook is an essential tool for Professionals; it can either help or hurt your professional image.  But, don’t lose out on the benefits because it feels overwhelming.

Take Control Of Your Public and Personal Information

Let MPP Be Your Professional Profile GPS


Set yourself up as the Guide your Potential Connections, Clients and Employers are looking for.


Establish your Position in the Open Marketplace as a Value-Driven Professional


Once your Clients, Connections, and Potential Employers are Guided to your Professional Profile, you will be Positioned to Succeed.

Don’t Let Anything Stand in Your Way

Don’t worry if you are not ready; we have created a detailed article on updating your Facebook profile.  Even if you are new to Facebook, this article will walk you through each step to help set up your professional profile.

You Need a personal Professinal Facebook Profile.


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7 Steps to A Professional Facebook Profile

Use guide you through building or editing your Facebook profile, positioning you as a value-driven professional while succeeding at your professional goals


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"7 Steps to A Professional Facebook Profile"

Use guide you through building or editing your Facebook profile, positioning you as a value-driven professional while succeeding at your professional goals

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