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We Love Coffee

At Salt River Coffee, we are on a mission to craft flavorful coffee in an eco-friendly way that provides a smooth taste, bringing joy to your day with every cup because we know coffee drinkers are tired of bad-tasting coffee. 

Our Value Commitment


Continuous research on all facets of coffee roasting and brewing to help ensure we are making the best tasting coffee possible every day.


We start every conversation with a smile bringing joy through your interactions with us.

Deliver Value

We are mindful of our overhead costs and production processes so that we provide you with quality and value in every purchase. 

Our Story

Coffee has always been part of our Family’s tradition. Early in our relationship, my husband and I realized that we both had a passion for “good coffee”.  Not long after being married, my husband was deployed.  While living at home I could still enjoy many coffee options while he was left with the military’s version of coffee.  So, I mailed out a grinder and supply of coffee beans.  It was a hit and he quickly became the envy of many.  After that, every couple of weeks I’d send more coffee.  There was so much comfort in continuing our connection through coffee even though separated by thousands of miles. Finding “fresh, great tasting coffee” became an obsession. Most coffees found in stores today aren’t fresh and just don’t taste good.  Even the coffee served at cafés and restaurants has often been sitting on shelves for weeks and months before being delivered, which diminishes the rich aroma and complex flavor each variety of bean can produce. 

Salt River Coffee was created because of our love for coffee and the desire to build a company where our coffee benefits people.  From bean to cup.  For us, that means benefiting all people from the farmers who grow and harvest our beans, to you – the drinker, who enjoys the cup.  We’re doing this by supporting fairness and sustainability, encouraging eco-friendly practices, and giving back in support of both social and environmental causes.

The Principles That


Salt River Coffee →

Love For Coffee

We enjoy learning about coffee, drinking great coffee, and love to share our coffee experiences with you.

Value Driven

We are mindful of costs and focus on profitable actions to keep us in business and growing so we can help you start your day with a great cup of coffee you feel happy and ready to meet the challenges of your day.

Environmentally Conscious

We believe being environmentally conscious helps us create the best product while decreasing our footprint, reducing waste, and is the right thing to do.

How can Coffee Benefit People?

    • Donating a percentage of proceeds from our special “Hero’s Roasts” to charities that support Military Families and Veterans.
    • Fairness means ensuring Farmer and ethical labor pay standards, Gender equality, and participating in verified living income initiatives.
    • Trace green coffee from its source farm to our shop.
    • Roast in small batches for consistent quality and flavor with a Bellwether Roaster for zero emissions.

We are committed to producing premium quality flavorful coffees.

     Here’s how we do it:


Only the highest quality beans are sourced.

Eco Roasted

Roasted in small batches for consistent quality and flavor.

Shop our Roasts

Delivered Fresh

It’s delivered fresh to you!

Experience Great Coffee and Brew a Pot for Yourself!!

Begin your day with a great cup of coffee, a smile, and the motivation to beat the challenges of your day.  We have over 20 different premium roasts to choose from.

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